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Where to Get Uniforms

Uniforms are cost-effective and can be purchased at any of these suggested retail and online stores:

  • Target
  • Old Navy/Gap
  • Kohl’s
  • JC Penney
  • Sears
  • Simply Uniforms in Colma
  • Children’s Place
  • FrenchToast.com
  • CookiesKids.com
  • LandsEnd.com
  • Dickies.com

Shirts, hooded sweatshirts and crewneck sweatshirts are also available for purchase in the office.


Click for order forms: ENG/SPAN

Please also inquire about our PTA’s Gently-Used Uniform Program.


All outerwear must be plain, solid, optionally be hooded or have the Los Cerritos logo


  • white
  • navy blue


  • sweaters
  • sweatshirts
  • jackets
  • coats

Not Allowed

Pictures, symbols, emblems, insignias on clothing/ accessories is strictly prohibited when deemed:

  • contrary to law such as advertising drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons and gangs;
  • degrading/advocating any cultural, racial, ethnic, homophobic, sexist or religious prejudices;
  • crude, vulgar, profane, obscene or sexually suggestive or explicit

Uniform and Dress Code Policy


All shirts must be plain, solid and collared or optionally have the Los Cerritos logo

polo shirt2.jpg



  • white
  • navy blue
  • khaki


  • long-sleeved
  • short-sleeved
  • button-down
  • polos/blouses
  • turtlenecks


The following do not follow our uniform /dress code policy:

  • tops with any logos, writing, printing, designs, patterns, symbols, or graphics
  • tops that are ragged or torn
  • tops that are oversized
  • tops that expose students’ back, shoulder, midriff or chest (i.e. halter tops, low cut necklines, mesh fabrics)
  • tank tops or undershirts by themselves (plain, solid, white or navy are recommended to be worn under tops)



All bottoms must be plain, solid, fitted at the waist and hemmed




  • navy blue
  • blue plaid
  • khaki


  • pants
  • shorts
  • skorts, skirts**
  • jumpers**



  • navy blue
  • khaki


  • pants
  • shorts


The following do not follow our uniform /dress code policy

  • jeans
  • sweatpants/pajamas
  • bottoms that are ragged or torn
  • bottoms that are oversized
  • undergarments must be concealed

**Plain, solid, white or navy leggings and spandex shorts are recommended to only be worn under skirts and jumpers; not by themselves. The length of shorts, skorts, skirts and jumpers must pass the mid-thigh (to test: stand with arms at side, length cannot be shorter than fingertips).

Uniform and Dress Code Policy

Los Cerritos has adopted a color-specific uniform policy and will enforce a strict dress code for students. In order to maintain a safe and orderly school we have established a standard of student dress and appearance. All students are required to adhere to our dress code guidelines. Please positively encourage your child to wear a complete school uniform every day. Please write your child’s name on the inside of all garments.

When taking attendance, teachers will also be scanning students’ dress. If your child comes to school out of compliance of the uniform/dress code policy, the parent/guardian will be called to bring a change of suitable clothing to school. If no one is reached, students must change into donated clothing in the office. Students who continually fail to comply with our dress code policy will face disciplinary action that will include having the articles confiscated and/or suspension (State Education Code 48800K).

Please contact the principal at 650-877-8841 for noncompliance/waiver procedures. Thank you for supporting our Student Uniform and Dress Code Policy.


  • hoods, caps and hats may only be worn outside; they must be removed when indoors
  • earrings no more than 1 inch (studs preferred)
  • solid, black or brown belts must be proper size and fitted at the waist


The following do not follow our uniform /dress code policy:

  • earrings larger than a quarter (i.e. hoops, dangly)
  • valuable jewelry
  • makeup and lipstick


All shoes must be flat-heeled, close-toed, have heel straps and laces must be tied properly

Colors (preferred)

  • black
  • white


The following do not follow our uniform /dress code policy:

  • opened-toed
  • backless
  • high heels
  • “wheelies”