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Staff Directory

Contact Irene Aguirre  Irene Aguirre Office Assistant/Bilingual Instructional Aide
Contact Kennelyn Celeste  Kennelyn Celeste Principal
Contact Elinore Grecia  Elinore Grecia Administrative Assistant
Instructional Aides
Contact Irene Aguirre  Irene Aguirre Office Assistant/Bilingual Instructional Aide
Contact Brigitte Barrientos  Brigitte Barrientos Bilingual Instructional Aide
Contact Sofia Garcia  Sofia Garcia Instructional Aide
Support Staff
Contact Anne Grindy  Anne Grindy Health Technician
Contact McCurtis Hogg  McCurtis Hogg Evening Custodian
Contact Richard Madrid  Richard Madrid Day Custodian
Contact Usha Singh  Usha Singh Cafeteria Manager
Contact Debbie Wilborn  Debbie Wilborn Librarian
Special Education Staff
Contact Kate Ehrhardt  Kate Ehrhardt Speech and Language Pathologist
Contact Kerri Essex  Kerri Essex K Academic Instruction Teacher
Contact Kimberley Rose  Kimberley Rose 1-2 Academic Instruction Teacher
Contact Christina Teani  Christina Teani Academic Support Teacher
Contact Stacey Alvarez  Stacey Alvarez 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Keren Bein  Keren Bein 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Laura Darcy  Laura Darcy K Teacher
Contact Amanda Fehoko  Amanda Fehoko K Teacher
Contact Gladys Fernandez  Gladys Fernandez 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Christina Hoff  Christina Hoff 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Stephanie Kuhn  Stephanie Kuhn 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Theresa Manansala  Theresa Manansala 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Marybeth McLaughlin  Marybeth McLaughlin English Learner Teacher on Special Assignment
Contact Aaron Nudelman  Aaron Nudelman Band Teacher
Contact Karen O'Leary  Karen O'Leary 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Christina Quisumbing  Christina Quisumbing 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Amberlynn Sahm  Amberlynn Sahm 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Skye Sala  Skye Sala K Teacher
Contact Jonathan Silverman  Jonathan Silverman 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Denise Steffey  Denise Steffey Response to Intervention Teacher on Special Assignment
Contact Amanda Sterner  Amanda Sterner K Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Weatherly  Elizabeth Weatherly TK Teacher