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PAW Volunteer Activities

If you have any additional volunteering ideas, please share them with us, as we are always looking to expand this list.

  • Chaperone and/or drive on field trips*
  • Tutoring students in your child’s classroom (reading, alphabet/number/sight word flashcards)
  • Set up learning centers in your child’s classroom
  • Coordinate and schedule classroom events
  • Coordinate and schedule schoolwide events (science fair, book fair, art exhibits, cultural events, family nights for math/reading)
  • Take pictures or videotape school events
  • Assist on Picture Days
  • Assist nurse on Vision and Hearing Screening Days
  • Organize/distribute materials and supplies
  • Organize/distribute books and curriculum
  • Help in the supply/bookroom
  • Prepare materials for an arts and crafts, science, social studies or service learning project √
  • Clerical tasks (filing, alphabetizing, cutting, folding, stapling, gluing) √
  • Run photocopies √
  • Reproduce learning materials √
  • Gather resource materials√
  • Assist in the library/computer lab (book checkout, shelving books, assisting students with research projects and typing
  • Help in another classroom*
  • Tutor students one-on-one or a small group*
  • Listen to students read and/or read to students
  • Lead a before, during lunch or after school sports/outside games program*
  • Lead a before, during lunch or after school club (art and crafts, board games, gardening, drama, dance, etc.) *
  • Clean, organize and donate Lost and Found items √
  • School beautification
  • Gardening projects
  • Coordinate and schedule fundraising activities √
  • Write grant letters √
  • Student supervision during recesses and lunchtimes*
  • Interpret another language
  • Translate materials √
  • Decorate bulletin boards and displays
  • Donate items to the school (will count for 1 volunteer hour, but may only be used once during the school year)
  • Provide an educational workshop/presentation for students or parents (safety, local history, careers)

* For the safety of all students, this activity requires SSFUSD fingerprints and a valid TB test on file. The activity is outside your own child’s classroom and/or there may not be a certificated staff member present.

√ Things you can do at home. 


Classoom Parents

Los Cerritos prides itself in its parent community.  We feel it is of utmost importance to keep families informed and in communication in order to ensure Los Cerritos's student success.  We understand it is sometimes difficult to coordinate information and maintain an informed parent community.  Please support our efforts by becoming a Classroom Parent Coordinator or by representing your classroom in one of the following parent organizations or groups:

  • Classroom Parent Coordinator

  • Classroom PTA Representative

  • Classroom ELAC Representative

  • Classroom Parent Cafe Representative

  • Classroom SSC Representative

Please complete the Classroom Parent Representative form and turn it in to the Main Office or email it to the principal at Thank you for your support!


Parents At Work (PAW)

As a child’s first teacher, parents influence the lives of their children and students in very meaningful ways. At Los Cerritos Elementary, we recognize the importance of this relationship and seek to strengthen the bond between the home and our school. As educational partners we ask that parents/guardians make time to commit 5 hours of participation to the school, each finger represents one hour of volunteering. We fully understand the lives of that all parents/guardians have. For that reason, we have developed a menu of items on the left to illustrate some of the many ways that participation volunteer hours can be completed.

Directions on how to fill out the PAW form: When you complete one hour of volunteering in our school, write the activity on a finger. When you complete all five hours (five fingers), you and your child can decorate the hand and turn your hand to your child’s teacher or the Main Office. While in the Main Office, you can pick up more Volunteering Hand forms or download them here! We will take your hands and post them on our bulletin boards so the school community can take pride in all the wonderful work that you have done to make our school a better place! Thank you!